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Stardust Glass Fusing


I have loved all craft activities and have tried my hand at virtually everything from cross stitch to encaustic art.
I discovered glass fusing just over a year ago and have become totally mesmerised by all its wondrous possibilities.

I initially started making pendants, which remain my first love. I love to work with dichroic glass as its final appearance depends so much on the individual cut of the glass and how it is fired, which makes for some surprises each time the kiln is opened after a new firing.

I then started to experiment making window hangers, with words or patterns marked in relief, or using whimsical designs of things that inspire me.


Following a fall down the stairs in April 2012, I badly broke my femur and damaged my right knee, which left me unable to work with glass for about 4 months. To prevent myself from going crazy, I taught myself how to do kumihimo braiding and became hooked. I now have a selection of bracelets and pendants available for sale.

My work is available from Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre, Gloucester, or directly from me.





Website: www.stardustglassfusing.co.uk

Contact: email info@stardustglassfusing.co.uk


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