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Textiles, ceramics and cards

Robust and practical, my pots are designed for everyday use and decorated in a way which I hope makes them visually pleasing but not overwhelming.

When you use one of my pots you are using something made by someone who loves food. No mug is made without my imagining the taste of tea, coffee or cocoa, no bowl without the smell of home-made soup, no oven dish without the sight of lasagne or plum crumble being presented to eager guests.



Since I was very young I've wanted to make things from fabric and threads. I trained in Textiles at Bath in the seventies and for a while followed the fashion of the times for hairy weavings in muted colours. Eventually, in the mid-eighties, I found time to explore embroidery and Colour. It's astonishing to me that it took me so long as all my textiles work since then has been inspired primarily by the never-ending possibilities of colour.

Having started by making framed embroidered pictures, since the mid-nineties my focus has been on wallhangings, influenced equally by the textiles of the East and the natural world. My fish, birds, lizards and flowers are represented in rich colour blends by silk-painting, appliqué, machine and hand embroidery, beads, sequins and metallic threads. Each piece is finished with hanging ceramic pieces or beads or tassels.

More recently I've also been making silk "canvasses" where machine embroidery is added to the painted silk, which is then mounted on a silk dupion backing and a frame. With the canvasses I have found myself returning to some of my original themes of plants and landscapes.


Many of my hangings and canvasses are reproduced as photographic greetings cards. I also make several ranges of silk-painted cards where I can indulge in a little frivolity and humour, painting birds with wacky hairstyles and cats and pigs in greens and purples. More recently fridge magnet cards have been added to the range.


In addition to my decorative textiles, I now sell hand-painted silk scarves at By Local. Most scarves are 180cms long, which enables them to be worn in a variety of styles. Silk has a natural sheen which makes colours glow and makes it an ideal canvas for my inspiration.

Scarves are made in silk chiffon, silk Pongé and silk Crêpe de Chine. Each has it's own subtle qualities but all make beautiful scarves.


I also make colourful earrings, many of which co-ordinate with the scarves but which make striking accessories on their own.



More information can be found on my Website

Contact: email jane@clothandclay.co.uk


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