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Colour forms the foundation of my work upon which line, texture and form build. The focus of my research concentrates on the contrasting colours in flowers and liner motifs formed in natural plants & vegetation.

Combining materials, soft undulating line and textures of woven Japanese silk braids with strong silver organic forms, I create sculptural structures which make a uniquely patterned line on the body.

I aim to elevate the dynamic lines created by the silk with press formed shapes, utilizing the beautiful forms nature provides. By enamelling the silver I intend to draw attention away from the braid allowing the exquisite forms to become the focus; as in nature, the flower radiates itís beauty and grace.

To evoke the rich spectrum of nature and attract attention to the wearer I use vivid colours. Investigation has led to a collection of rings and neck pieces showing experimentation in colour combinations to enrich the organic forms.

Through my designs I aim to incite the wearer to interact with the jewellery. Producing distinguished textures and visually stimulating pieces I encourage the wearer to sense the vivacious elements of the materials and explore the sensual beauty.



By keeping my artwork free and spontaneous, it allows the wearer to respond to the pieces, expressing their own creativity and interpretation, giving form and purpose.



I run a range of short courses that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Recent examples include:

  • Wire tiara making for beginners
  • Basic costume jewellery design & making
  • Funky hair pieces for parties or weddings
  • Basic bead jewellery making (presently teaching an extended course for the Gloucestershire Re-integration Service)
If you would like to run a course for your church, womens group or even as an alternative hen night then please get in contact and Iíll be happy to guide you and discuss your requirements



Website: www.katemichelle.co.uk

Contact: email sue@cattractivecats.co.uk


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